The 6 Best Small Business Ideas for Retirees

If as a retired person you want to start a business, here are the top six, in fact the best small business ideas for you.

1. Data Entry

Many companies have either an ongoing or an occasional need for someone who can fulfill data entry assignments such as inputting information into a database or spreadsheet and copying text into Powerpoint.  If you have top-notch keyboarding skills – with regard to both speed and accuracy, and are good at paying attention to detail, then why not try to make money out of data entry job.

2. eBay Seller

Most people nowadays have had a go at buying or selling items on eBay.  Anyone can list anything from their unwanted clothing to their grandmother’s antiques and the saying, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” definitely applies here!  However, some eBay sellers take things a step further and turn their eBay transactions into a business whereby they not only earn money whilst uncluttering their own home, they actively seek out things to sell on eBay too.

3. Virtual assistant

Individuals who run their own businesses are often solopreneurs (from solo + entrepreneur) and, as such, can often find it difficult to manage and organize everything by themselves. In addition, like all of us, they have things they don’t particularly like to do or that they’re not particularly good at doing.

If you’re used to working online and are good at research and organizing, you could consider setting yourself up as a virtual assistant and offering to take some of those jobs off their hands.  You can help people schedule meetings, organize day to day activities, answer phone calls, type letters, deal with email queries, and so on.

4. Translator

If you have a second language, then maybe you could make money by doing translation jobs – particularly if you know any of the languages for which translators are in huge demand.

5. Build websites

If you know your way around HTML, graphics, and Photoshop, then web designing might be a great option for you to consider. Even if you’re not particularly skilled in those areas, you can still create websites using WordPress – you just need some technical know-how and some creativity to make the site look appealing.

6. Proofreader

Most people aren’t very good at spotting mistakes in something they’ve written themselves.  We read what we’re expecting to see and not what we’ve actually written.  With that in mind, many authors of articles, reports, and ebooks like to have someone else proofread and edit their work before they go ahead and press the ‘publish’ button.

Rais Dar

Rais Dar is an Experienced Business Consultant

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