Quick Ideas for a Successful Salon Grand Opening

Before your salon can officially open for business, there’s one thing you need to nail: the grand opening party. The opening party can set the tone for your salon’s first official day, so it’s best to make sure that your salon’s grand opening party is a success. The party itself doesn’t have to be big, but it does have to be flashy so it will attract the most attention from potential customers.

Throwing a grand opening party doesn’t have to be expensive, either. You just need to use a few effective marketing techniques to make it all work. Here are some tips on turning the grand opening of your salon into a major event people will be talking about for a while.

  • Set the party on the right day.

You have to make sure that your party is set on a day when your neighborhood is going to be busy. You can do that by syncing your party with neighborhood events such as art walks and fairs. Lure foot traffic away from these events by making sure your salon is highly visible; for instance, you can put a stretch of red carpet and some velvet ropes in front of your salon to draw attention. That will surely draw in curious onlookers.

  • Send press releases.

Send some press releases on your salon’s grand opening party to your local newspaper and media outlets. Make sure to provide all important details on the press release, including special events such as giveaways and raffle draws. If you’re planning to do a ribbon-cutting ceremony, indicate the day and time. Catch the attention of the press by emphasizing why your salon is unique among all other salons in the area.

  • Have a unique theme for your opening party.

One way to really make people remember your salon and its grand opening is to have a unique party theme. Whatever the theme is, make sure you go all out, from your staff’s costumes to the food served at the party. Encourage visitors to stop by your salon in theme-appropriate attire, too, to make the event more enjoyable.

  • Join organizations in your community.

Joining community organizations is a great way of creating buzz about your salon’s grand opening. You can look into joining your local chamber of commerce, as it may be able to offer you grand opening assistance benefits at lower costs. By joining community organizations, you may also get in touch with local politicians who would make for great guests of honor for your ribbon-cutting ceremony.

  • Make sure the party is organized.

You probably have a lot of services you want people to try out during your salon’s grand opening. To ease the flow of traffic throughout your salon, you should have an organized method of moving people through the services. Have a sign-up sheet in the area where each treatment is going to be held. You can also consider handing out timed tickets for each service, so people attending the party don’t have to converge in various areas throughout your salon.

  • Distribute giveaways or tokens for party attendees.

Giving out merchandise or free samples is a good way to ensure that your salon’s name sticks in the minds of your potential customers. Newly opened bakeries, for instance, give out free cookies, scones, or doughnuts. If your budget has room for it, you can give away goodie bags of nail polish, lotion, other haircare or skincare products, and coupons for free or discounted services at your salon.

  • Send invitations out in your area.

If your salon is in a residential area, you can send out invitations to your salon’s grand opening. You can even to door-to-door and hand out the flyers and invitations yourself, so you can make sure that people get them. To draw people to your salon, offer a special discount or a free service to anyone who brings a flyer or invitation to the salon’s grand opening. Collect email addresses in exchange for the invitation or flyer, so you can start building up your customer list for future promotions and marketing efforts.

  • Hold a soft opening.

A soft opening is like a practice run for the grand opening. Holding a soft opening will help you smooth out the kinks in your plans for the big day. Open without much fanfare and serve the customers who do come by. You’ll be able to correct operational problems so everything goes without a hitch on your salon’s grand opening day. You may also be able to get marketing ideas and points for improvement from customer feedback, too.



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