The Top 5 Innovative Sports Business ideas

Sport has always played a major role in the lives of Indians. As a result, India has a sophisticated and dynamic sporting industry with exports worth in millions of dollars a year.

If you love sports and want to own your own sports-related business, then you have come to the right place. We will help you turn your love for Sports into a career in the sports industry.

We have taken all the guesswork out of choosing a legitimate sports business. We have spent countless hours researching every sports-related business opportunity and have selected these five businesses as the best in the sports industry.

1. Sports photography

Many people think that photography is a complicated art that requires great skill.  Well, they are right and they are wrong.  With today’s camera technology, most people can easily take quality photographs. Factor in software like Adobe Photoshop and the average person can create some truly amazing photos. There is one area, however; that does not require perfection or heavy editing.

Sporting events such as races, baseball, soccer, football or lacrosse are a great market. The idea is to photograph the individuals in action. Take multiple photos of each person so you increase the odds of getting a photo that a potential customer would like. Then post the photos on a website for people to view them as well as order prints. You could also mail out proof sheets and order forms.

2. Golf Cart GPS Installer

This is one of the best business ideas for someone who loves to play golf and would like to create an income from that love, but isn’t skilled enough to go pro. As golfers know the accuracy with which a golfer calculates his/her golf ball’s distance from the pin is critical to how well they play.

This is where golf cart GPS comes in very handy. GPS Systems are available now for virtually all golf courses and they can be easily attached to golf carts. Your offer to golf course owners is to install these on all of their carts and show them how they can turn that investment into a source of revenue for the course (more on that below). Once you’ve installed GPS systems on all of the courses in your area you can start traveling the country to find other golf courses that would also be interested. Along with a profitable business, you’ll get the opportunity to play on courses everywhere!

3. Open a Sports bar

Ever felt something was missing and bored as you watch the game all alone at home? Don’t feel the spirit of the game as much as you’d like? – Then why not make a sports bar. The advantages of opening your own sports bar are the number of people cheering and screaming one that touchdown or people celebrating the final goal of the world cup together and in good spirits.

The profit would come from the drinks, and food bought at your cozy little bar but the fun starts whenever the television is turned on and a game is going on. Enjoy the company of fellow sports fans and enjoy a drink or two while watching the game.

4. Martial Arts Dojo

If you are a martial artist, why not create your own dojo or gym and teach people with the passion and fire in you for the martial art you are trained in. The joys of this venture come from being a mentor and teacher to students who are unaware of how to protect themselves as you guide them slowly through the path of being a disciplined person.

Sports such as taekwondo and karate have high places in the Olympic stage as countless countries send players to compete in matches to gain honor and prestige for both their country and dojo/gym. The income is brought with the students who learn, the instructors are paid well by the dojo, and the dojo gains recognition from its students who exemplify their teachings to the world outside.

Opening your own dojo is also a good way to train daily alongside students to keep your health in check and to recall all the basic lessons you might have forgotten.

5. Body Building Gym

The ancient Greek used to be proud of their understanding of the body and the calisthenics they had discovered to produce a body of art- Literally! Bodybuilding is an art form that is considered competitive, making it more a sport as people who had toiled away in gyms, show off what muscles they had built and how well-shaped they had made their bodies.

Building a weightlifting gym and enjoy the privilege of gaining income by renting it out to fellow bodybuilders, charging them walk-ins and monthly dues while building your own body, yourself. It may take a bit of money but the outcome is worth it as you gain prestige and honor from competing bodybuilders from your gym, bringing glory and honor to your gym.'


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