How to Start a Home Computer Repair Business

More than 10% of Indians own computers at their homes and this percentage is increasing considerably every year. An average user of a computer is not aware about how to give preventive maintenace to his or her computers, so sooner or later they will be affected by a virus or any other problem and that’s when computer repair services come into action.

A home computer repair business delivers services at the homes of potential customers as many people do not have enough time to go out and take their computer system to an establishment, or in the case of an office, it is even more difficult to get a computer out.

Services to offer

You will be offering a number of services to your clients after you operate your computer repair business. Some of the problems related to computers which you will be fixing are as following:

  • Removal of virus
  • Preventive maintenance.
  • Installation / update of programs
  • Hardware problems
  • Telephone or remote technical service

In order to offer remote technical service to your customers, you can use tools like TeamViewer, with the help of which you can control another person’s team from your own team. This is a perfect solution for small problems. You can also offer preventive maintenance services this way and charge your customers either on an hourly basis or a fixed rate for a particular service.

Your presentation is very much important because your clients will allow you to enter into their homes or offices, and for this to happen, you must give them sufficient confidence, so take it very much into account.

Equipment required

Since almost all services are very basic in nature, you will require basic tools and equipment such as:

  • A NetBook.
  • A portable CD drive.
  • A USB stick with basic maintenance software (antivirus) among others.
  • Compressed air (many times the problems occur due to accumulated dust).
  • Screwdriver kit.

Market your services

There are several ways to publicize your home computer repair business. You can advertise in the local newspaper of your city. You can also have a one page website with your contact information and even use social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. And of course, do not forget to leave your business card on all possible sides.

If you provide good services, your customers will always turn to you in addition to spreading the word of mouth with their acquaintances.

If you have any question or would like to share your experience in a computer repair business, we invite you to leave a comment below.'


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