How to Start a Wallpaper Business

You’re thinking of launching your own wallpaper business but have no clue what do you need to get started. If so, read our guide and take with you the best advice from experts.

Wallpapers are loved by many people, not for one but for several reasons such as fade resistant, inexpensive, maintenance free and most importantly save a lot of time compared to wall paints.

Having art of pasting or hanging wallpapers decoratively on walls is enough that makes an aspirant fully eligible for starting and owning a wallpaper design business no matter if he or she is low in funds. Wallpaper business is even conductible from home.

Have a look at following steps to getting started with your own wallpaper business today:

1. Create a business plan

Come up with a business plan, a road map that empowers you to follow the right track while implementing effective methods and strategies so that you reach smoothly your business goals. No problem if you can’t do it on your own as many alternatives including online platforms, seek expert help, etc are easily available today.

2. Legal formalities

Search and fill legal formalities (if any) in your area and contact your local government agency that offers a business license.

3. Buy tools

Buy all necessary tools which include brushes, paste, water trough, water sizing, roller, ladder, colorful flyers and others that we missed to mention here.

4. Find wallpaper suppliers

Find suppliers that sell colorful yet qualitative wallpapers. Talk with them about what you do and benefits they can avail from you. You would send them customers and they would make you earn a commission for sales referred by you.

5. Advertising material

Create effective yet affordable advertising materials to spread your message across potential customers ( homeowners, local restaurants, hotels, etc). Make business cards and pass them on to your friends and relatives. Generate referrals to grow business after providing satisfactory service to customers.

Rais Dar

Rais Dar is an Experienced Business Consultant

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