How to Start a Wood Cutting Business

A woodcutting business deals with cutting mature and defective trees and selling logs to furniture manufacturing factories, bandsaw mills, and consumers. Furniture factories require wood for manufacturing different types of furniture products such as sofas, beds, dining tables, chairs, etc. Bandsaw mills use wood logs for making fruit boxes while as consumers use it for fuel purposes.

Knowing about your target customers, wood market prices, legal formalities and having the right tools in hands are four important aspects to operating a profitable wood cutting business. Let’s elaborate in detail each four of these important aspects of a wood cutting business for your understanding:


Learn how to cut wood safely and efficiently by joining with experienced local woodcutters for at least 1 month. Once you gain full mastery over wood cutting skills, you can take your own route. Hire up to 3 labors for handling cutting, carrying and vehicle loading like activities involved. Buy a woodcutter machine and be cautious while using it and instruct the same to your labor.

Make a firm decision about who would you supply your wood? Will you sell directly to furniture factories involved in turning raw wood into furniture products or will you pass it on to wood vendors who act as intermediaries between you and their clients.

Beyond both ( furniture making factories and vendors ), you can also connect with a local band saw owners who need wood for making boxes, that in turn find a use for fruit and vegetable packaging. In addition, you may sell wood residue to rural people who use it as firewood.

Market prices of wood always keep on fluctuating. So you should always keep a close watch on it otherwise it can be difficult for you to save your business from the risking of losing profits.

If required in your jurisdiction, acquire permits and comply with all legal rules and regulations properly while filling registration forms.'


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