How to Start

Starting a Food Truck Business in India

The Food Truck Business is a largely untapped but an upcoming and promising business in India. But do you know the various licenses and regulations in place for starting a food truck business in India?

Researching the Market

One of the most important points to focus on will be researching the food truck market in India. Look up the existing food trucks in play and get at least a basic idea of how they operate and what food item they serve. Decide what particular food you will serve. Also decide which city and location you need to set it up at. It ideally needs to be at a populated area such as near colleges, busy business areas, outside railway and bus stations. Otherwise, look up an untapped, food-truck-starved market and start your truck there.

Applying for and Obtaining proper Licenses & Permits

Starting a new food truck business in India may not be the easiest of things, considering India’s legal complexities. Even when you start your truck at a yet-undiscovered food truck scene, getting all the proper permits and licenses could be time-consuming and overwhelming. Explaining it all here may confuse you. What you need is an Expert, who can guide you through all the legal formalities, wherever in India you wish to open. Contact FSSAI Consultant to solve all your queries relating proper food licenses and the food safety standards you need to follow.

Launching your dream Food Truck

The name of your Food Truck should be something stylish & catchy. At the same time, it also needs to be appropriate for the food you wish to serve. Additionally, publicize its grand opening on Social Media. Ask your friends and family to help spread the word. Create a buzz. And on the day of the launch, when people visit your truck, cook and serve your food with all your heart and impress them. After all, First Impression is the Best Impression!

Mastering Social Networking

The cheapest way to popularize your food truck is through the three most popular social networking sites in India – Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp. The most successful food truckers are the ones who are tech-savvy. Connect to people through Facebook and Twitter. Create a fan-following. Keep updating your location and time on both the sites, even if you are not getting many ‘likes’ or ‘retweets’. People WILL come. For the regular customers, offer to give updates on WhatsApp. You will soon see that, by regularly updating these accounts, customers start pouring in. And all these, for almost FREE!

Staying consistently profitable through all times

You need to maintain your food standards and attractiveness to keep your customers coming back for more. Make your truck a brand in itself, so people connect to it. In a down season, shift to another place, if possible, where you can get more business. But be consistent and always be on time. Being patient and adapting to changing conditions is the key.

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