The 10 Benefits Of A Home Business

If you have ever had a traditional 9-5 job or any job really you know all the drawbacks that come with them.  Remember getting woken up by an alarm clock, drinking coffee to get your buzz on only to have to look forward to rushing hour traffic.

I mean looking back on that life it’s hard to understand why anyone would allow themselves to deal with the stress of just getting to their job everyday.  There are tons of benefits to working from home.

1. No Dress Code – How nice would it be to wake up and go to work in your most comfortable pajamas?  Working at home you can, try that at work.

Your clothes budget will drop to almost zero when you don’t need to buy all those dress clothes to dress to impress.  Think about how nice that would be and you bank account will end up fatter.

2. No Commute – No more sitting in traffic and costly commutes to your day.  Imagine waking up and logging onto your computer or making business calls from your desk.

3. No Office Politics – What job doesn’t have the people whom will sell you out for a dollar?  Don’t you get sick of seeing co-workers getting promotions because of who they know versus the work.

A few years of seeing this action repeated is enough to make anyone want to get out and working at home will completely avoid any office politics.

4. No Meetings – You know the dreaded meetings, the ones where your constantly looking at your watch and dreaming about being anywhere else, gone.

I found these meetings to be a feasting ground for the workers who loved being heard and to promote their careers.  Working at home completely avoids this problem.

5. No Gossip –  How many times have you heard about a co-workers personal life while simply getting a cup of coffee?  How about sitting at your desk and hearing the gossip?

The problem is that everyone wants to gossip about your off hours.  What a pain in the but to constantly have to monitor your own talking and hide your feelings.  Working at home will definitely solve this problem.

6. Free Time – Being your own boss will allow you to take vacations and enjoy your life without the constant stress of working a set number of hours each day.

Many home business owners will take a few days off and than power work for a few days to make up for their time off.  YOU get to make the rules with your time.

7. Scheduling – Try working between your life errons when your at a job.  Working at home allows you to schedule your life around your business not the other way around.

The ability to control your time and schedule is priceless and you will never have to miss another one of your kids activities or events.

8. income – How many jobs do you know where you can double or triple your income every year.  Outside of generous stock options or a huge promotion it’s non existent.

Being self employed you can simply work more or add new sources of revenue.  You have the control of your income not an employer.

9. Flexibility –  Want to go on vacation?  How about take some time off to rest?  A traditional job will rarely allow you to just call in and say your not coming in because you have better things to do for the next three days.

Having a home business allows you to change your plans instantly without the consent of a boss.  You wake up and decide it’s so nice outside that your going to the beach and you just do it.

10. Passive Income – Many of the home businesses generate significant passive income.  Not many jobs will pay you when your not working but home businesses can and do.

It’s nice to take a few days off and than come home and find money sitting in your bank account that wasn’t there before your left

These are just a few of the many benefits of having a home business.  Although there are some drawbacks like not having health insurance or pension benefits I believe the pluses out weigh the minuses.'


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