The Best 5 Small Business ideas for Kids

Kids are not always likely to start businesses, but it’s not as rare as it used to be for kids to want to do so. With children, safety is going to be the number one concern of parents. So what types of businesses can kids start, where they can make a few dollars, and learn valuable skills that will help them later in life?

The following five ideas might work for you. Click on the links to find out more information on each.

1. Cut the Grass or Shovel the Snow

This might be old school to some, but getting kids to work outdoors in the neighboorhood is still the best idea. First, make sure you supervise them and have them dealing with only people you trust. Gone are the days where a 8-year-old kid can just knock on doors by herself to find someone who needs their grass cut. As a parent, you should be with them when they go out to the neighbors house. But that does not mean help them, since there are valuable skills to be learned from the work itself.

Also, perhaps neighbors, friends, or yourself requires other help around the house. Planting flowers, cleaning out the garage, clearing leaves, and washing the car are all services kids can perform for friends and neighbors that are valuable and can earn them a few dollars.

2. Youtube TV Show

Kids are very creative, and if you give them a video camera and a computer, eventually they will record some videos and pretend to be the nightly news reporter or the next American Idol star. Children above a certain age can certainly be entertaining, and especially when a few of them are working together, can put on a show.

If your child has a talent such as a great singing ability, exposure on Youtube could be very lucrative. Is that a business? Well it can be if advertising and products are involved.

Youtube is a great place to post videos, and many people have gained wide followings, earned sponsorships with major brands, and go on to work with Youtube directly to have a share in the advertising revenue. Once you make a name for yourself in video, that can certainly translate into real world success – just ask Justin Bieber and other former Youtube stars that have gone on to big things.

3. Niche Web Sites Around Their Interests

Chances are the top five things a child likes are also liked by millions of other children of the same age. And those children are searching Google for those terms, and why can’t they go to a web site your kid owns and operates?

If his interest is Pokemon cards, it would be very easy to set them up with a WordPress site to talk about Pokemon. Same for special video games, TV shows, and other products. Be sure that the site has the right privacy safeguards, and monitor your son or daughter while using it to make sure they are not exposed to unsafe things. But for an older child, running their own web site could lead to advertising or product sales opportunities that could lead to real money.

There’s nothing better than having a genuine interest in something to create great and interesting content for it.

4. Make an App

There are over 750,000 apps in the Apple iTunes App store, and many hundreds of thousands in each of the Google Play and Amazon App stores as well. If a kid has any sort of interest and programming ability, they can try to create their own little game or app for others to enjoy.

Even a year ago, it would have been more difficult. But these days, there are frameworks that can be downloaded that make app creation a lot simpler. There are even frameworks that help make a single app work across different phones – iPhone and Android!

And if she sells her app for 99 cents in the store, even a few thousand sales can make significant income and be a good start to a scholarship fund. (Or buy them their own iPhone 5!)

5. A True eBusiness

There are plenty of stories of teenagers starting up online businesses, and making a fortune before they are even graduated from high school. I would not recommend this for younger children, but if they have an idea for a cool web site or software business, they can go for it. Living at home is the best time to take a chance, when you have no expenses and responsibilities. And on the internet, nobody knows your age unless you choose to tell them (or you need a parent to sign a contract because you’re not of legal age to).

So that’s it in a nutshell. Hopefully kids will be able to take one of these ideas and make a little business out of it.

And please, if any of this helps your son or daughter, and they start making money from these ideas, write in to me and let me know. I love hearing success stories from you!

Rais Dar

Rais Dar is an Experienced Business Consultant

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