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What Exactly is a Resume

A resume is a brief document which focuses on the individual’s experience, skills and qualifications, in the hope of getting a job interview. In some parts of the world, sometimes the term “resume” is used and sometimes it’s called CV or Curriculum Vitae.

The present world is a competitive one and everyone wants to have a better position in life so just after completing their studies or after completing some professional course or getting a degree the search for work begins.

Before joining a particular organisation the candidates submit an informative document which gives all details about him / her to the organisation for the work in which they feel they are competent enough to handle.

In other words the candidate puts up a bright image about himself through the application which gives a clear picture to the employer about the qualification of the person, any sort of training which the candidate has gone through may it be professional or education based. All personal details like contact information etc. All these details that are provided to the organisation are known as resume.

A resume should be such that it’s very easy for the employer to understand what the candidate is like. All the details about the applicant like the name, qualification, contact address, work experience, educational achievements, a list of all the skills and special qualities that he may possess, relevant certifications or awards that he might have got and his contribution to the organisation is included in the resume.

By just giving details about oneself does not suffice to get him a good job in the present scenario.

Apart from all the personal details it should be very attractive visually and very convincing as to why the candidate should be give the job. This is the reason it has been seen that during short listing of candidates there are times when the resumes of candidates who has the best of all the information and qualification have been rejected and thrown into the dustbin.

Corporates may at times also look for people who are not only qualified for the job but have a mental and philosophical attitude towards it. A resume should be able to portray the image of the person who has applied for the jobs very strongly and well.

The resumes are categorised into different categories like the Engineering Resumes, Retail and Wholesale Resumes Accounting Resumes, Managerial Resume Marketing Resumes, IT Networking Resumes, Education Resumes and Customer Service Resumes in accordance to the needs that are to be met of the big business industries

Lastly it can be said that to make a good and strong resume requires a lot of effort as it’s a fine art. Just assembling all the relevant details and putting them in paper and pen is not enough. So in some cases, people seek for professional help when assembling a resume in order to meet the requirement and criteria of the organisation they wish to apply for.

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