Zara Franchise Cost and fees for 2019

If, as a fashionable person, you want to make the lives of other people wonderful by running a fashion retail business, then consider Zara franchise.

Zara has all the reasons for being a successful brand in the world. It is loved by most fashion-forward men and women shoppers not only for selling quality clothing at reasonable prices but also for its speedy customer response.

In addition to being focused on implementing customer oriented policies, placing stores strategically at locations where they can’t go unnoticed by the public has added much to the success of Zara.

One more surprising thing about Zara that you would less likely find in any other like businesses is that it spends a minimum for advertisements.

Here we have briefly covered the company’s background, cost, and fees that an aspiring candidate is expected to possess so that he or she can own a Zara franchise:

1. Company profile

Back in 1975, the foundation of Zara was laid down by Amancio Ortega(the 2nd richest man in the world) and Rosalía Mera in Galicia, a place located in the western corner of Spain. These days, Zara operates nearly in 90 countries including countries like India, USA, UK, Singapore, Canada, etc

2. Franchise costs

Although the investment needed in one country might be different from another, the average startup expenditure required for buying a Zara franchise sums up to around $80,000. This amount goes for equipment, fixtures, and furniture.

3. Franchise fees

In addition to the initial investment which amounts to $80,000, interested people will have to pay 5-10% as royalty fees while as 0.3% as advertising fees. For further details that include an ideal location for setup, profit margins, agreement, etc, feel free to drop us a mail provided in our contact us page. We will be happy to address them.

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